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PAR020   First M16A2 Barrel Reinforment
GGM020   G&G 120rd Mid-Cap Magazine - TAN
GGB040   G&G Armament Perfect Bio .20g 5000rds BBs
GGR125   G&G CM16 Predator ETU AEG
GGR080   G&G CM18 Mod 0 Black AEG
GGR001   G&G GR16 Femme Fatale
GGR040   G&G RK104 EVO AK74
GGP010   G&G Xtreme 45 CO2 Airsoft Pistol - Black
GGP012   G&G Xtreme 45 CO2 Airsoft Pistol - Silver
GPA205   G&P 9R Rechargeable Flashlight
GLPG2650201   Glock G26 GEN4 9mm 3-10rd Mags PG2650201
GAS01   Green Gas - Ground Ship Only!
GUA001   Guarder Silicone Hop-Up Bucking (GE-07-01)
MNT010   Hurricane Hi Mount for M4 Series (HE-MT-02)
ICS165   ICS 3 Point Tactical Sling - Black MS-01
ICS166   ICS 3 Point Tactical Sling - Olive Drab MS-02
JGA068   JG Baby Stubby Killer Metal RIS Hand Guard-M68
JGA021   JG Metal 1-Piece Hop-Up Set (M-49)
JGA011   JG Mosfet Wiring Harness Ver. 2 Rear Wired (M-76)
JGA020   JG Piston w/Full Metal Teeth and Pistol Head (M-86)
JGA099   JG Replacement Metal Front Sight -M99
JGA006   JG Replacement Retractable Stock-M6
JGA015   JG Stock Metal Gear Set (M-58)
KAA911   King Arms Air Seal Chamber (KA-PA-10)
KAR080   King Arms FN P90 Tri-Rail
CNV020   King Arms M16 Free Float RAS Kit
KJW105   KJ Works M700 Police
BB021   KSC Grand Champion 0.29g 500rds BBs
KSC009   KSC M945 Spare Magazine
BB024b   KSC Perfect 0.20g 20,000rds BBs Bulk Order
KWAP210   KWA 2G High Performance Hop Up Bucking
KWA030   KWA ATP (Adaptive Training Pistol)
KWA029   KWA ATP Auto (Adaptive Training Pistol)
KWA031   KWA ATP Spare Magazine
KWA105   KWA CQR MOD1 AEG Airsoft Rifle
KWA052   KWA G17/18/19/23F/26C Hicap Magazine
KWA101   KWA H&K G36C 470rd hicap magazine
KWA058   KWA H&K MK23 SOCOM Spare Magazine
KWA152   KWA H&K MP7 GBB 20rnd Spare Magazine
KWA151   KWA H&K MP7A1 GBB 40rnd Spare Magazine
KWA051   KWA H&K USP .45 Match Gas Blow Back
KWA055   KWA H&K USP 45 Tactical Spare Magazine
KWA044   KWA H&K USP Compact Spare Magazine
KWA050   KWA H&K USP Spare Magazine
KWA054   KWA H&K USP45 Match Spare Magazine
KWA036   KWA HK45 Spare Magazine
KWA119   KWA KM16 SR12
KWA118   KWA KM16BR Battle Rifle
KWA124   KWA KM4 Commando
KWA121   KWA KM4 RIS - 2013 Version
KWA117   KWA KM4 SR10
KWA123   KWA KM4 SR7 DEVGRU (V 2013)
KWA086   KWA KMP9 Spare NS2 48rd Magazine
KWA083   KWA KMP9R Railed NS2 SMG - Black
KWA322   KWA Kriss Vector 22rd Spare Magazine
KWA323   KWA Kriss Vector 49rd Spare Magazine
KWA205   KWA KZ75
KWA206   KWA KZ75 Spare Magazine
KWA300   KWA LM4 PTR Gas Blow Back Rifle
KWA070   KWA M11A1 NS2 SMG
KWA071   KWA M11A1 Spare NS2 Magazine
KWA010   KWA M16 Magazine Style BB Loader
KWA001   KWA M1911 MK1 PTP
KWA002   KWA M1911 MKII PTP Black
KWA003   KWA M1911 MKII PTP Desert Tan
KWA005   KWA M1911 MKIV PTP Black
KWA006   KWA M1911 MKIV PTP Olive Drab
KWA200   KWA M226 PTP
KWA202   KWA M226 Spare Magazine
KWA134   KWA M4/M16 120rd Midcap PMAG magazine
KWA059   KWA M9 PTP (Personal Training Pistol)
KWA060   KWA M9 PTP Spare Magazine
KWA0592   KWA M9 PTP Tactical (Personal Training Pistol)
KWA061   KWA M93R II W/Aluminum Slide NS2
KWA063   KWA M93RII NS2 32rd Spare Mag
KWA410   KWA RM4 30/60 round AEG PMAG magazine
KWA020   KWA TT-33 Tokarev Gas Blow Back Pistol
KWA021   KWA TT-33 Tokarev Spare Pistol Magazine
KWA042   KWA Umarex H&K USP Compact Gas Blow Back Pistol
ELEC05   Large Tamiya Connector Set (1 male, 1 female)
UTG410   Leapers UTG 5th Gen 3" Sub Compact ITA Red/Green Dot Sight (DS3028W)
MISC02   Line Item Entry -
UTG012   M16 Carry Handle Mount w/ Tactical Rings MNT-168R25
UTG600   M16 Style Tactical Mount with 1" Rings MNT-990
UTG604   M16 Style Weaver Style Tactical Mount MNT-992T
EOA203   M4 QD Flash Hider 14mm CCW
MAD085   Mad Bull 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel (229mm)
MAD086   Mad Bull 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel (300mm)
MAD077   Mad Bull 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel (300mm) Crawler
MAD083   Mad Bull 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel (363mm)
MAD082   Mad Bull 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel (455mm)
MAD081   Mad Bull 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel (509mm)
MAD088   Mad Bull 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel (590mm)
MAD089   Mad Bull 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel (650mm)
MAD089P   Mad Bull 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel (650mm) PSG1
MAD079   Mad Bull 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel (93mm) G17/18
MAD201   Mad Bull Airsoft Chronograph V2
MAD093   Mad Bull JP Flash Hider 14mm CCW
MAD092   Mad Bull M249 Type Flash Hider 14mm CCW
MAD005   MAD BULL M381 18rd BB Shower Grenade
MAD018   Mad Bull M433 48 Rnd BB Shower
MAD010   Mad Bull M583A1 Grenade
MAD230   Mad Bull Patriot Kit Long
MAD195   Mad Bull RG108 Rifle Grenade
MAD061   Mad Bull XC03 Portable CO2 12gm Charger
MAD171   Mad Bull XG02 Propane Adapter
MAD027   Mad Bull XM204HP 204rd BB Shower
MAD040   MAD BULL XM993 8mm 60rd BB Shower Grenade
MAD175   Mad Bull XMPB4 Multi-function Grenade
MBB052   MadBull .20g Dark Knight Precision Red Tracer BB 2000rnds
MBB050   MadBull .20g Dark Knight Precision Tracer BB 2000 shots
MAD070   Madbull Airsoft 235mm 6.03 Black Python Precision M9 Pistol Kit
MAD240   Madbull Airsoft ACE licensed Buffer Tube
MAD001   MadBull Ultimate 3-1 Hop Up Chamber
MAD002   MadBull Ultimate Hop Up LED Tracer Unit
MAG100   MAG 170rnd P90 Mid-Capacity Magazine
MAG122   MAG BT5 90rd Magazine 2 Pack
MAG111-0002   MAG M16 100rd Magazine 8 Pack - Desert
MAG111   MAG M4 130rd Magazine Desert
MAG110-0001   MAG M4/M16 100rd Magazine - 2 Pack -
MAG108   MAG M4/M16 100rd VN Magazine
MAG115   MAG M4/M16 130rd Magazine
MAG114   MAG M4/M16 130rd Magazine 8 Pack
MAG103   MAG SIG552 100rd MidCap Mag
MAG104   MAG SIG556 100rd MidCap Mag
MGP060   Magpul AFG1 Angled Fore-Grip (Blk)
MGP061   Magpul AFG1 Angled Fore-Grip (FDE)
MGP063   Magpul AFG2 Angled Fore-Grip (OD)
MGP103   Magpul Dynamics - Aerial Platform Operations
MGP101   Magpul Dynamics - The Art of the Tactical Carbine
MGP102   Magpul Dynamics - The Art of the Tactical Carbine - Volume 2
MGP022   Magpul Ladder Rail Protector - (BLACK)
MGP021   Magpul Ladder Rail Protector - (FDE)
MGP020   Magpul Ladder Rail Protector - (OD)
MGP004   Magpul Mag Assist 3 Pack - 7.62 NATO (Black)
MGP002   Magpul Mag Assist 3 Pack - M16/M4 BLACK (MAG001-B)
MGP001   Magpul Mag Assist 3 Pack - M16/M4 Dark Earth (MAG001)
PALR030   Magpul Masada Sportline ACR Package
MGP090   Magpul MBUS Rear Sight Gen 2 (FDE)
MGP081   Magpul MBUS Sight Set (Black)
MGP078   Magpul MBUS Sight Set (OD)
MGP070   Magpul MOE Carbine Handguard (Black)
MGP071   Magpul MOE Carbine Handguard (Flat Dark Earth)
MGP072   Magpul MOE Carbine Handguard (Olive Drab) OD
MGP054   Magpul MOE Carbine Stock (Black)
MGP053   Magpul MOE Carbine Stock (Olive Drab)
MGP065   Magpul MOE RVG Rail Vertical Grip (Blk)
MGP066   Magpul MOE RVG Rail Vertical Grip (FDE)
MGP067   Magpul MOE RVG Rail Vertical Grip (OD)
MGP068   Magpul MVG - MOE Vertical Grip (Blk)
MGP069   Magpul MVG - MOE Vertical Grip (Flat Dark Earth)
MGP059   Magpul PTS AFG1 Angled Fore-Grip (OD)
MGP050   Magpul PTS CTR Stock with buttpad (Black)
MGP051   Magpul PTS CTR Stock with buttpad (Dark Earth)
MGP080   Magpul PTS MBUS Sight Set (Flat Dark Earth)
MGP040   Magpul PTS MOE Grip (Black)
MGP041G   Magpul PTS MOE Grip (OD)
MGP025   Magpul XT Rail Protector - (BLACK)
MGP026   Magpul XT Rail Protector - (Dark Earth)
MGP024   Magpul XT Rail Protector - (OD)
MGP027   Magpul XTM Rail Panels - (Black)
MGP031   Magpul XTM Rail Panels - (Foliage)
SSR003   Marushin M1 Enforcer
MZN100   Maruzen CA870 W/Folding Stock
GBO058   Maruzen M 99 Compact Spare Mag
PALM015   Mauser Spring Rifle 23rnd Mag 2-Pack
MOD026   MODIFY HIGH SPEED Gear Set V2/V3/V6 (GB-09-07)
MOD039   Modify M4 Cylinder - 1 Port
MOD050   Modify Metal M4 Hop Up Chamber
Mod037   Modify Motor Pinion Gear (BG-09-02)
MOD007   Modify S100+ A.E.G. Irregular-Pitch Spring
MOD0001   Modify S80+ A.E.G. Irregular-Pitch Spring
MOD010   Modify Selector Plate for M16 series (GB-05-21)
MOD038   Modify Shim Set
MOD012   Modify Stainless Steel 6mm Bushing Set (GB-03-01)
MOD013   Modify Stainless Steel 7mm Bushing Set (GB-03-10)
MOD015   Modify Stainless Steel 8mm Bushing Set (GB-03-22)
MOD032   Modify Stainless Steel Ver.6 Bushing Set (GB-03-02)
MOD031   Modify Tappet Plate for V3 gearboxes
Part001   Motor Connector for AEG
ncs450   NcSTAR 1X25 Compact Red/Green Dot (DAB)
ncs470   NcSTAR 1x30 Red-Dot Aimpoint Style (DP130)
ncs430   NcSTAR 1X45 Red Dot (DTB145)
ncs466   NcStar 3 Rail Tactical Red, Blue, Green Dot Sight 1x26mm w/ Weaver Mount (D3RS135)
ncs210   NcStar 3-9X40 Rubber Scope w/ Rings SFR3940R
ncs655   NcSTAR 36" Carbine Case (CV2907-36)
ncs432   NcSTAR 40mm Tactical Red Dot with Laser and QD Mount (DLB140R)
ncs656   NcSTAR 42" Rifle Case (CV2907-42)
ncs657   NcSTAR 45" Army Digital Rifle Case
ncs610   NcSTAR AK47/AK74 Sling
NCS007   NcStar AR-15 Flip-Up Front Sight (MARFLF)
ncs590   NcSTAR AR15 Hand Guard Rail Bipod (ABAS)
ncs702   NcStar Compact Red Laser w/ Weaver mount (ACPRLS)
NCS460   NcStar DBB130 Red Dot Scope 1X30
ncs003   NcSTAR Discreet Pistol Case
NCS600   NcStar Metal Tactical Grip (AARH)

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