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Precision Airsoft, LLC


About Precision Combat Arms..

Precision Combat Arms is a subsidiary outdoor and firearms equipment retailer operation established by Precision Airsoft LLC in Spokane,Washington in 1999. The retail store, warehouse and gun showroom is located in the heart of downtown Spokane,WA offering much of what you see online and more.

Visit our retail store located at:
1710 E Trent Ave - Unit 1, Spokane, WA 99202

Retail Store Info Only Call: (509) 535-0655

Retail Store Hours:

10:00am to 5pm Monday-Friday PST
Closed Saturdays-Sundays

Retail Store

If you like our website, you'll really love our retail store. Our store offers all firearms and accessories direct to the public. We have a well stocked Airsoft department, a full service gunsmith shop and conduct significant business in FFL transfers as the lowest cost provider in the county supporting your right to own and bear arms..

At Precision Combat Arms we strive to bring you the best combination of quality, service and price possible for all your outdoor needs. Precision specializes in gun accessories and optics including a wide range of binoculars, flashlights, and more. All of our inventory is up to date and items can be ordered instantly and securely through our websites.

Our knowledgeable sales staff is not only trained in the products they sell, most of us use them in our spare time. We specialize in serving local law enforcement agencies, enlisted and officers in the local military and most importantly, you, the everyday gun enthusiast. Come in and browse. If you have questions, we have answers!

Gun Showroom

Our showroom displays firearms products from custom, one-off AR-15 specials and other paramilitary weaponry to conventional semi-automatic rifles and pistols. We sell plenty of Glocks, S&W, Rugers, and Sig Sauer's daily while also stocking exotic plinker firearms and beyond.

We tend to process more guns into the public than other local shops because of our commitment to our customers, our low prices and the guarantee that if the gun you want was ever manufactured, we can most assuredly get it into your hands at more reasonable costs than compared to our competition - that is if you can tolerate our top sales peoples jokes, that is..

Airsoft Showroom

We have the largest Airsoft rifle, pistol, accessory and supply showroom in Spokane County, bar none.

G&G, KWA, Combat Machines, King Arms, Colt, G&P, Javelin, KSC and many other Airsoft rifles and pistols are in our showroom NOW!. We carry many stripes of both AEG (Airsoft Electric Guns) and Gas Blowback rifles and pistols. Our Airsoft ammo inventory serves all types of Airsoft Shooters. We sell quality products at very competitive prices! Come on down - some of the Airsoft Guns we stock are rare products usually available only overseas.
year, our ProClean service will ensure you can depend on your firearm when you need it.

FFL Transfers

The FFL transfer process involves two Federally Licensed Firearm dealers (otherwise known as type 01 FFLs) shipping a firearm from one dealer to the other. In order to complete the process, the shipping dealer has the legal responsibility of verifying that the receiving dealer is a legitimately licensed entity. This process involves exchanging paper or electronic copies of their licenses prior to the shipment of goods.

As consumers, we are always looking for the right product at a fair price. We like to compare the gun industry to the automobile industry. There are relatively few car dealers in any specific locale (we'll use Spokane, Washington as an example), and each dealer must carry a certain level of inventory in order to satisfy the needs of roughly 80% of the folks who walk through their door. On a fairly regular basis, car dealers get customers wanting a specific color, level of trim, or engine choice on a particular model of car. Rather than turning the customer away, the dealer will order the specific car from the factory OR find the customer desired vehicle sitting on a lot somewhere in Tulsa (or anywhere else you probably driving to).

This vehicle, once the dealer locates it for you can be to your dealer in Phoenix so you don have to make the trip. Well, the firearm industry is very much the same, with one exception. Typically, gun shops are smaller operations than car dealers and cannot afford to purchase their product directly from the manufacturer due to mandated minimum order quantities well above 6 figures ($100,000). Instead, they buy their new stock from major distributors whom sell guns in smaller quantities.

If you walked into the Average Gun Shop as a customer asking for a Two-Tone Sig Sauer P229 Elite:

.. the gun shop would may not have it in the case for you. So, that shop would call their distributor of choice and buy a single P229. The prices of P229s in single-unit quantities are clearly higher than if purchased in, say, packs of 10 directly from Sig Sauer. Unfortunately, the Average Gun Shop probably couldn't sell $10,000 worth of Sigs in enough time to make the deal profitable. So, consumers have typically paid excessive markups in order to find the gun they wanted. The quest to lower transaction costs has spawned an entirely new class of gun store Internet FFLs. Among other things, we are an Internet FFL.

Internet FFLs are federally licensed gun dealers who sell all or part of their inventory using the FFL transfer method. They utilize (doh!) the internet to reach a far wider audience than they would normally encounter from walk-in traffic. This allows most of them to either specialize in a few types, models, or manufacturers of guns or cover the gamut of firearms available internationally in order to bring great prices to customers. Here at Direct Outdoor Supply aka Precisions Combat Firearms LLC, we like to consider ourselves very capable of performing both specialties quite well. Did we mention the company has been conducting internet FFL sales operations for over a 12 years now?

Precision Combat Arms qualifies as an Internet FFL, so we'll use ourselves as an example even though our business model is slightly different from most others out there. If Precision decides to place a large order at Glock or Smith & Wesson (or any other manufacturer for that matter), the company qualifies for discounts and incentives not available to the single-unit quantity Average Gun Shop. These and other incentives allow us to reduce our selling price on many guns we sell to you. You're happy, we're happy!

Hopefully, this FFL writeup has dispelled a few myths and disinformation about buying guns online!

For more information, please contact our customer service department at:

Our mailing address is:
Precision Combat Arms
1710 E Trent - Unit 1
Spokane, WA 99202

We are closed for the following holidays:

Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years
Store closes at 3pm Christmas Eve and New Years Eve!

Precision Combat Arms
1710 E Trent Ave #1 Spokane, WA 99202
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